Maria Clinic Appointment Types

·        Standard Consultations

·        Long Consultations

·        Telehealth-Phone Consult

·        Covid Vaccinations

Bookings can be made by directly calling the clinic or by using HotDoc online booking system through clicking the ‘BOOK NOW’ button on top right. We recommend booking a long consult (above 20 minute) appointment if you are visiting the doctor for the first time or if you have more than one issue to discuss with the doctor. Please Do not book telehealth appointment with a doctor for the first time, as doctors recommend face to face appointment for it. Telehealth phone consults are available for patients who cannot find means to travel, have an active sickness limiting them to travel and if the doctor request for it.

Urgent care needs At Maria clinic, we have a flexible appointment system to meet the urgent care needs of patients. We keep few slots every day to meet urgent care needs of our existing patients.